Dry Silo Maintenance

Silo Maintenance

Instrulec provides a specialist service that includes maintenance of dry silos.  This includes the following services:

  • Humidity sensor repair & maintenance

  • Filter bag replacement and reverse pneumatic cleaning system maintenance and repair

  • Dehumidifier supply, repairs, and maintenance

  • Load cell supply, repair & calibration

​Dry Silo Maintenance is required in the following applications:​

  • Waste Water Treatment.  The main applications of polyelectrolytes in potable water production are in coagulation and flocculation, and in the dewatering of treatment plant sludges.  Because polyelectrolytes are hydroscopic (absorb water) in nature, it is essential to keep the humidity levels in the silos at a minimum.  This will prevent extensive maintenance costs.

  • Food Industry.  In the production of many food products, there are dry ingredients that are used such as flour, starch & sugar.  It is imperative to keep these products dry whilst being stored in the silos.


  •  Agriculture.  Silos are used in agriculture to store grain or fermented feed