Water Quality Analysers

The ability to continuously and accurately measure water quality is a key requirement in many processes. We use an application based approach to select the most suited instrument for water quality analysis.   Instruments that provide real-time data on process conditions include but not limited to: 

  1. Dissolved Oxygen Meters

  2. Turbidity Meters

  3. Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids Meters

  4. pH Meters

  5. Conductivity Meters

  6. ORP (Oxidation-reduction Potential) Meters 

  7. Phosphate Meters

  8. Nitrate Meters

  9. Ammonia and Nitrate Meters

  10. Residual Chlorine Meters

  11. COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand Meters

The brands that we work closely with include: Royce Technologies, Reliant Water Technologies, Hach, YSI and ATI (Analytical Technology Instruments).