Water Auditing & Consulting

Are you using too much water?  Do you suspect a leak?  Can your water management systems be executed more efficiently?

Let Instrulec work with you to implement a strategy that will ensure that you are using water in a responsible way. 

What is a Water Audit?  A Water Audit  is a study of water use to understand where and how water is consumed, and to identify ways to increase water efficiency.   

A Water Audit from Instrulec will include the following:

  • Understand where, when and how water is used

  • Calculate how much water you can save

  • Provide water and cost saving recommendations

  • Provide cost estimates for utilities that will save water

  • Determine a strategy for ongoing water efficient practices

  • Implement a plan to achieve savings

On-site Inspection
Review efficiency of every water using device on premises
Receive a full report with findings and recommentations
Cost Estimates
We will quote on utilities that will save water