Our Innovations

Composite Sampler

Composite 102 Sampler

The Composite 102 Sampler is a self-contained, programmable peristaltic pump designed for water sampling.  With user friendly controls & robust features, the Composite 102 Sampler is the only choice for stationary sampling in both municipal and industrial wastewater applications.

Water Systems



Designed specifically for water back-up systems, the Uninterrupted Water Supply system ensures users never experience water cuts.  

The conventional water back-up system forces the user to operate permanently off the back-up system which increases electrical costs and mechanical wear on the pump.

Alternatively, the UWS system enables the user to run on mains supply (when available), and automatically switches to back-up supply when the water mains fail. The system is programmed to automatically refresh the tank to ensure a continual fresh water supply on a user-defined basis.

This reduces the wear and tear on the pump and overall electrical costs to operate the system.

SVI Settler



Designed for use in the waste water treatment environment, this instrument automatically calculates and trends the settling rate of particles which is required to calculate SVI ratios.  The unit runs automatically drawing and capturing samples every 30 minutes during which that specific sample is analysed and trended.